Liverpool Pianos Restoration


Being part of the UK's only full service piano workshop and showroom, we are in the best position to restore pianos. We do not send any part of the instrument to external sources, we have the ability to complete all the work in-house.

Liverpool Pianos are specialists in piano restoration for antique and modern upright and grand pianos. The pianos we have restored can be found throughout the UK and Europe.

We offer a complete Piano Restoration service and restore modern and antique grand and upright pianos.

With our piano restoration we constantly research traditional piano manufacturing methods and also work with modern piano manufacturers to keep abreast of the latest technological developments. In this way our piano restoration projects meet the increasing technical demands of the modern pianist, who requires an instrument which can deliver extremes of colour, texture and dynamic, as well as the particular and varied demands of a wide range of grand pianos.

Piano Restoration Types We Offer

Liverpool Pianos is part of Shackleford Pianos, Cheshire and is able to offer one of the UK's finest piano restoration services. Whether you have a fine German piano such as Bluthner, Steinway, or Bechstein, or an English piano such as Chappell, Marshall & Rose or Broadwood that you want restoring to its original glory, Liverpool Pianos can tailor a piano restoration service to suit your budget and needs. Some of the services Liverpool Pianos can offer are:

  • Full or part grand and upright piano restorations
  • Piano action rebuilding or restoration
  • Piano restringing for grands and uprights
  • Ivory piano key restoration
  • Adding sostenuto pedals and mechanisms or practice rail systems to a piano
  • Re-polishing piano cabinets using traditional or modern piano-finishing methods
  • Changing the colour of your piano to suit your personal decor

All of Liverpool Pianos piano restoration services are available to the Liverpool area and full restorations are guaranteed for a minimum of ten years.*

*Provided the piano is well maintained and tuned every six months by a Liverpool Pianos representative.