Steinway Model C Concert Grand Piano

Steinway Model C Concert Grand Piano

On concert stages and in the recital rooms of the world’s finest performance venues, the most universal choice of the performance artist is Steinway. The choice is made because Steinway offers not only the most technically advanced pianos, but also because the clarity of tone, touch response and volume control allows artists to freely express themselves like no other piano.

The Steinway Model C – 227 is part of the crowning glory of the Steinway range. From soft piano to powerful forte, the Steinway Model C delivers clarity of treble and profound depth of bass that are unsurpassed as a medium between composer, performer and audience.

The Steinway Model C – 227 is perfect for solo performance, chamber works, and in the orchestral situation. It would also be perfect at any event where a truly grand statement is to be made by presenting a truly grand piano.

Piano Dimensions : length 227cm width: 155cm


Grotrian-Steinweg 225 Concert Grand Piano

This beautiful concert grand piano has been developed by Grotrian-Steinweg using centuries of experience. The result is a piano that can express every aspect of the dynamic range perfectly and is ideal for medium and larger size venues.

Piano Dimensions : length 225cm width: 153cm

Grotrian Steinweg 225